SBI, IDBI Bank fixed deposit schemes: Special FD offers that would close soon

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State Bank of India (SBI) and IDBI Bank had floated special fixed deposit (FD) schemes, whose tenure will end this month

SBI, IDBI special FD schemes

SBI's special FD Amrit Kalash Deposit scheme and IDBI's FD scheme Amrit Mahotsav will end on August 15 as per information available on both the bank websites

SBI vs IDBI fixed
deposit schemes

SBI initiated the Amrit Kalash Deposit scheme in February for a specific tenor scheme of 400 days

State Bank of India's Amrit Kalash deposit scheme

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The special FD offers an interest rate of 7.6% to senior citizens and 7.1% to general customers. Premature and loan facilities will also be available on the new Amrit Kalash Deposit scheme

SBI’s Amrit Kalash
deposit FD rates 

IDBI introduced the Amrit Mahotsav special fixed deposit (FD) scheme of 375 days

IDBI Amrit Mahotsav
FD scheme

On a special maturity bucket of 375 days, IDBI Bank offers an interest rate of 7.1% for the general public and 7.6% for senior citizens

IDBI Amrit Mahotsav
FD rates

Under the Amrit Mahotsav FD scheme of 444 Days, the lender offers interest rate of 7.15% to general, NRE and NRO. For senior citizens, the bank offers 7.65%

IDBI Bank's Amrit Mahotsav
FD scheme for 444 days

SBI offers an interest rate ranging from 3% to 7% for regular citizens and 3.5% to 7.5% for senior citizens on term deposits maturing in seven days to ten years

SBI’s FD rates as of now

IDBI Bank offers interest rates between 3% and 6.8% to general citizens for deposits below Rs 2 crore. For senior citizens, the rates range from 3.5% to 7.3%

Current IDBI FD rates

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